“Christmas Times Eight”

Music & Lyrics by Michael Hadge, Featuring Rebecca Weiner
The Rescignos Variety Show, An Extremely Rescigno Christmas

“I Will Never Leave You”

Written by Bill Russell & Henry Krieger

“Myself When I’m Drunk”

Written and performed by The Mike Hadge Trio (featuring the “Hadgettes”)

“Someone Cool Liked My Post”
Music & Lyrics by Michael Hadge, Featuring Michael Hadge, Rebecca Weiner & Paul Rescigno
Goodbye Forever: The Mike Hadge Farewell Concert

“Good Enough For Now”
by Drew Fornarola & Scott Elmegreen, from College: The Musical
Performed at Big Night Out by Rebecca Weiner & Rolfe Winkler

“Orange Colored Sky”
from The Rescignos
By Milton DeLugg & Willie Stein

“Mambo Italiano”
from The Rescignos
Original song by Bob Merrill


“Shit Ron Paul Supporters Say” 

designed by Sharone Sayegh | www.rebeccaweiner.com | photography by Alison Cherry